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Quantum Computing

An artificial intelligence program attempt to crack the mindbendingly complex Enigma code used by the Germans during the second world war. It did so in 12 minutes and 50 seconds.Having already machine read some German language training data from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the AI program crunched through billions of permutations generated by the four-rotor Enigma machine sifting combinations of letters for their “Germanness”.

Full-scale quantum machines are probably many years away. But in the meantime, a “good enough” form of the technology — not revolutionary but promising significant advances for some applications — is on the horizon. The world will not change overnight, but development timetables already show practical quantum machines arriving much sooner than seemed likely only a short time ago.

RewinAnder Research: Quantum Computing has been around us

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Global Environmental Protection

The world is not making nearly enough progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to achieve the goals for limiting global warming agreed at the Paris climate summit in 2015, a group of political and business leaders has warned.

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Artificial Intelligence Wave

Software robots replicate the routine work humans often do in front of computer screens. As software applications have taken over mainline business processes, many back-office workers find themselves filling the gaps between fragmented systems

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Focus on technology companies

US and Chinese tech firms are a good bet despite the trade spat.U.S. and Chinese technology companies in the next ten years and would rather see cooperation between the world's two largest economies instead of "outright competition."

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