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When compared with data in other sectors (e.g., government, financial services, and retail), industrial data is different. Its creation and use are faster; safety considerations are more critical
By Artinon Tech Innovation

Digital platforms can transform industries, allowing new ways for businesses to connect and co-create value. Such a platform is needed to serve the unique requirements of industrial companies. Industries such as aviation, healthcare, mining, oil and gas, power generation, and transportation represent upwards of 30% of the global economy, and touch the lives of almost everyone on the planet.


These capital-intensive industries have long-lived assets such as aircraft, generators, locomotives, and turbines that are mission-critical and require considerable monitoring and service throughout their 20- to 50-year lives. A big data platform that brings new value to the wealth of data coming from these assets, their processes, and the enterprises in which they exist, will set the stage for a new wave of productivity gains and information-based services.

When compared with data in other sectors (e.g., government, financial services, and retail), industrial data is different. Its creation and use are faster; safety considerations are more critical; and security environments are more restrictive.


Computation requirements are also different. Industrial analytics need to be deployed on machines (sometimes in remote locations) as well as run on massive cloud-based computing environments. As a result, the integration and synchronization of data and analytics, often in real time, are needed more than in other sectors. Industrial businesses require a big data platform optimized for these unique characteristics.


The need for a new industrial big data platform is also driven by the advent, and thus ubiquity, of new and cheaper forms of computing, storage, and sensor technology, as well as the growing complexity of industrial companies themselves.


Furthermore, industrial operators, from the COO to the field technician, are more mobile than ever, and are looking for more consumer-like experiences in their workplaces, especially as the current generation retires. An integrated platform responds to these dynamics, while unearthing opportunities to connect often highly disparate operations and IT organizations.


The new era of industrial productivity that can be unleashed by an industrial big data platform needs an ecosystem larger , it is to transform not just the industrial world, but the global economy.


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Arrange the tech leadership overall

Variety of data indicate that the development of information technology has hit a bottleneck, but we are still optimistic about the future of technology sector.

Facing the situation that the manufacturing jobs are irreversible lost, whether we should blame it on the robots, trade or not.

Processing information with technology is not a new thing, but the new form of office automation is that robots do the jobs what labors finish in computer.


Economic and global political uncertainty

The latest economic data indicate that the European economy is positive, but it still faces more challenges that if the trajectory can continue in 2018.

More European countries have held elections in 2017, trade war between the Trump Administration with strong protectionism and China has escalated, more trade disputes will occur between the Trump Administration and the European countries, Britain announced to exit from the European Union and set to begin the transition of exiting the European Union, the separatist forces prevail in Europe.

As a result of these events, more people started to concern about that varieties of uncertainties will derail the global economic recovery.


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