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We will review your project using our proprietary Project Review Checklist. From this, we will diagnose the state of your project. We will tell you what is being done right and what needs to be improved
By Strategic Management RewinAnder Research

Do you have a critical project that you suspect may be in trouble? You can cross your fingers and hope for the best, or you can get a professional assessment.


We will review your project using our proprietary Project Review Checklist. From this, we will diagnose the state of your project. We will tell you what is being done right and what needs to be improved. We will recommend specific actions-immediate and long-term-that will help you get the project back on track. Because we are outside your company, we are able to provide you with and independent, unbiased view of the project status. We conduct reviews using one-on-one, confidential interviews with key people. This format enables a frank exchange of ideas and issues.


A typical review takes two to three weeks elapsed time, but none of your busy people will need to spend much more than one or two hours in total. We finish the review with a Final Report, describing how to capitalize on the project’s strengths and how to address areas for improvement. Your project may require some fine-tuning or it may need major surgery. An independent review can help you make the decisions and take the actions that will make it a success.


How do your IS project managers manage their projects? Does each one have his set of spreadsheets and templates? When you read a project charter, will you find the same kind of information that was in the last one you read? Do your project managers produce project charters?


If there is little or no consistency in the way that your project managers work, you need a project management methodology. This is nothing more than a set of templates, checklists, standards, and principles for your project managers to use. These tools guide project managers in developing and executing their plans. For example, the Project Plan template includes a section on risks, reminding the project manager that a risk assessment is needed.


A methodology also provides management with a standard set of project status reports. No longer will you have to wade through status reports, each of which is laid out differently, trying to find out which projects are on track and which are in trouble. Most important, a methodology imposes a discipline on project managers, ensuring that they pay closer attention to the things that can go wrong.


A methodology leads to better-run projects. We have prepared a standard set of tools that we can customize for your use. A typical customization takes about two weeks. The time to roll the tools out to your project managers will depend on how many people are involved and the strategy you want to use.


Let us provide you with the tools you need to give your project managers --- and your projects – the best chance for success.


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For over two decades, we have dedicated resources on a global scale to develop industry-leading investment research in the areas of economics, portfolio strategy, and equity securities analysis.

We are committed to identifying and rigorously analyzing financial information, strategic issues and trends, both regionally and globally, that affect companies, industries and markets and fundamental changes which may have a meaningful impact on future investment values.

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Arrange the tech leadership overall

Variety of data indicate that the development of information technology has hit a bottleneck, but we are still optimistic about the future of technology sector.

Facing the situation that the manufacturing jobs are irreversible lost, whether we should blame it on the robots, trade or not.

Processing information with technology is not a new thing, but the new form of office automation is that robots do the jobs what labors finish in computer.


Economic and global political uncertainty

The latest economic data indicate that the European economy is positive, but it still faces more challenges that if the trajectory can continue in 2018.

More European countries have held elections in 2017, trade war between the Trump Administration with strong protectionism and China has escalated, more trade disputes will occur between the Trump Administration and the European countries, Britain announced to exit from the European Union and set to begin the transition of exiting the European Union, the separatist forces prevail in Europe.

As a result of these events, more people started to concern about that varieties of uncertainties will derail the global economic recovery.


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