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Setting up motive force - the key of taking action
No matter how the team member performance level is, can achieve the purpose at this stage according to five steps, namely strengthen positive one; Propose possibility; Require a concrete behavior; Requiring the behavior and expounding influences; The commitment taken action, offer help.
By Strategic Management RewinAnder Research

Taking action to advance means to confirm the focus of attention and motive power of members can succeed. The stage of taking action to advance is the stage that the coach exerts more external forces. No matter how the team member performance level is, can achieve the purpose at this stage according to five steps, namely strengthen positive one; Propose possibility; Require a concrete behavior; Requiring the behavior and expounding influences; The commitment taken action, offer help.


Strengthen positive one. The most influential behavior of the coach performing is can make the person know that the matter what they do is very important and unique. As a conversion coach, he can not be confined by some obstruct faith; People only need to know when they commit fault to miss, and need not know that what has opposed them; If the praise is too much, the member can change lazy; Team member learns the most knowleged from the trial and mistake; It is good news to have no news; I have not been trained and so on. Team member pays attention to hear various approvals and praises seriously.


Suggest possibility. If tacit understanding degree drops in the process of talking, it can ensure that team member hears effective feedback. Suggestion should be regarded as the matter of beneficial future performance, instead of order. The believable coach relation offers the forum of a lot of ideological alternating about selecting opportunity and possibility; it can also become the source of happily learning. A suggestion makes coach share viewpoint. This is not requirement, this is a kind of give.


Ask a specific behavior. If the result and influence are negative, so the behavior will transform the requirement. Behavior transforming requirement is direct way of handling the invalid behavior or attitude of destructiveness, it makes you describe demand and expectation clearly, getting the promise of behavior change. If deciding to ask that a kind of behavior changes, first needs to have definite opinion for changing what behavior, then have definite requirement for change, attempting to keep harmony relation with team member, but must insist own requirement.


Ask behavior and expound influence. When handling the problem of employee, it needs probably to order and record complete progress with clear form. Need to determine that the willing will strengthen influence.If trainning program develops according to the process of tentative idea, as the matter useful for employee is over, everything will become clear.


Obtain the promise of action, offer support. It will be very useful to enter this step of promise. Soon afterwards the plan is to guarantee to fulfil the agreement. These opportunities are the turning point of relation and career.


Hope to avoid to undertake duty for the matter that team member needs to take the responsibility, but he is however willing to offer support, so send them the signal that signifies genuine partnership and cooperation, so have established the trust.


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Arrange the tech leadership overall

Variety of data indicate that the development of information technology has hit a bottleneck, but we are still optimistic about the future of technology sector.

Facing the situation that the manufacturing jobs are irreversible lost, whether we should blame it on the robots, trade or not.

Processing information with technology is not a new thing, but the new form of office automation is that robots do the jobs what labors finish in computer.


Economic and global political uncertainty

The latest economic data indicate that the European economy is positive, but it still faces more challenges that if the trajectory can continue in 2018.

More European countries have held elections in 2017, trade war between the Trump Administration with strong protectionism and China has escalated, more trade disputes will occur between the Trump Administration and the European countries, Britain announced to exit from the European Union and set to begin the transition of exiting the European Union, the separatist forces prevail in Europe.

As a result of these events, more people started to concern about that varieties of uncertainties will derail the global economic recovery.


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