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Setting up motive force

Taking action to advance means to confirm the focus of attention and motive power of members can succeed. The stage of taking action to advance is the stage that the coach exerts more external forces. No matter how the team member performance level is, can achieve the purpose at this stage according to five steps, namely strengthen positive one; Propose possibility; Require a concrete behavior; Requiring the behavior and expounding influences; The commitment taken action, offer help.

Strengthen positive one. The most influential behavior of the coach performing is can make the person know that the matter what they do is very important and unique. As a conversion coach, he can not be confined by some obstruct faith; People only need to know when they commit fault to miss, and need not know that what has opposed them; If the praise is too much, the member can change lazy; Team member learns the most knowleged from the trial and mistake; It is good news to have no news; I have not been trained and so on. Team member pays attention to hear various approvals and praises seriously.

RewinAnder Research: Setting up motive force - the key of taking action

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