To Innovate for the Furture

By putting our collective imagination to do for the future. At RewinAnder, we are doing it. more.

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Guiding Principles

Deliver the most potential and valuable investment project to the management team suitable for its development.

Offer the accurate market research analyses and technical analyses to the project invested in by us through global information network.

Manage project resources in a cost-effective manner.

Only invest in the projects beneficial to the human.

Guiding Principles

Ensure the project which we invest in to obtain the outstanding achievement.

Adhere to the highest professional standards.

Follow the top management approach.

Assist the company which we invest in through team to obtain the generous income.

Build enduring, lasting, trust-based relationships.

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Global Environmental Protection

The world is not making nearly enough progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to achieve the goals for limiting global warming agreed at the Paris climate summit in 2015, a group of political and business leaders has warned.

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Artificial Intelligence Wave

Software robots replicate the routine work humans often do in front of computer screens. As software applications have taken over mainline business processes, many back-office workers find themselves filling the gaps between fragmented systems

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Focus on technology companies

US and Chinese tech firms are a good bet despite the trade spat.U.S. and Chinese technology companies in the next ten years and would rather see cooperation between the world's two largest economies instead of "outright competition."

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To Innovate for the Furture

Since establishing, we develop and improve the investment system through the constant reform and innovation, so that our investment is more effective, the fund management is more complete. Business of investment Management that we are engaged in mainly includes equity investment and enterprise financing and assisting the clients to raise fund through issuing stock or bond, mergers and private market transactions; Sell and trade security and bonds; Research of the securities; Direct investment; Private wealth management and assets management.

RewinAnder Research

Green Energy: Making Infrastructure Happen

Green Energy will be the dominant driver of global infrastructure over the next decade, with $6 trillion of investment needed annually to decarbonize the world, address water needs and shore up transportation and other critical systems.